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We Let You Ride Into A Safe, Comfortable Journey And A Joyful Life.

Lunge Industry Co., Ltd was established in 1978 in Taiwan by a group of young men who have mechanical knowledge and skills,more importantly with enthusiasm to the bicycle.

Our professional experiences have been gathered and formed into the brand of LASCO.
LASCO is dedicated to produce quality chainwheel and crankset for all levels of rider. In 2001, we extended our production line to Wuxi, China (LASCO precision machine Co., LTD) to maintain our competitive edge and meet the high expectations of clients as well as to increase the flexibility of deliver origin.

LASCO will continue to work and improve the skills, in terms to bring our products into the next new level....


NO,36InDustrial 20th Road,Tai-LI Industrial
Park,Tai-Ping Area,Taichung City,Taiwan
TEL: +886-4-2271-2969
FAX: +886-4-2271-2979
LASCO(WUXI)Precision Machine Co.,Ltd.
Fu-Rong 3rd Road,Dong Bei Tang Town,
Xishan Park,Wuxi City(PC214191)Jiangsu,China
TEL: +86-510-8377-9077-8
FAX: +86-510-8377-9079